Lately, I’ve been working on a code-base situated remotely on a server accessible over ssh. The network latency and size of the code repository prompted me to reconsider the method to edit such files. I discovered a few options I could use and finally settled with one of them.

Recently, I’ve been using MacBook Air along with its default OS macOS Sierra for about a year. I decided to switch back to Fedora once I started noticing the decreasing customizability after every update. Also there were a lot of API level changes that somehow always ended up breaking my workflow.

Keep Calm and yum install
Getting the right packages after a fresh install is a headache. That is exactly what I had when I had to do a fresh installation of my Fedora after I accidentally corrupted my entire disk frowning.

I didn’t want to spend days installing the packages this time. This time I wanted to do it smart and quick.

The problem here was that I couldn’t just yum install everything, that’s because Fedora community adheres to free software principles and doesn’t offer non-free codecs and drivers from it’s repositories. But there are 3rd party repositories which allow Fedora users to get non-free components.


In the words of the maintainers of Drush:

Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those who spend their working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

It’s just been few weeks I’ve started using Drush and I’m already a fan. If you are a drupal developer or a site maintainer and still haven’t heard of Drush go check it out.

Last month some of my friends and I went to a hackathon organized by GSF India. This hackathon was particularly interesting since almost all the participants were amongst the top ranked from Hacker Earth and thus a tough competition was expected.

This post is about choosing Octopress over WordPress hosted blog, it does not talk about WordPress as a framework.

It has been a very few days I started this blog. Now I feel a bit of a weird pride in announcing that this may be the last post on the wordpress, it’s now hosted on github – , and powered by Octopress.

I believe the environment in which one works is directly responsible for one’s productivity. It’s the reason I think, it’s important to choose the right editor, font, etc.