Last month some of my friends and I went to a hackathon organized by GSF India. This hackathon was particularly interesting since almost all the participants were amongst the top ranked from Hacker Earth and thus a tough competition was expected.

The participating teams had to choose one challenge to compete. Our team chose challenge which involved improving their registration system in an innovative manner. is a website for job finding. We could easily see problems with the registration system, which could be solved. What we built was a utility which involved an IVR, Voice Recognition system, Resume Parsing (PDF/DOC) and an Android App for smart phones as well as not so smart phones.

  • Kookoo API and AT&T voice parsing API was used in the IVR system. The Kookoo system recorded the voice of a person by a simple phone call and AT&T API helped us parse it. Thus making it suitable for any mobile phone.

  • We also made a CV/Resume Parser with a help of small cURL hack on rchilli CV Parser. It allowed the user to upload his resume and getting his details automagically filled in the form.

  • On the top of everything we also made an Android App which again does all the above things.

You can find the code on Github

The good thing is that our hard work paid off and we won the challenge. What’s better than a 2 days of coding with free food , infinite Red-Bulls, a cool tablet and a little cash. Well other than that we also got a cool sipper and a t-shirt.

Here’s a photo of our team with two of the judges

Team Octane

You can find the photos on Facebook and some media coverage at YourStory