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One of the main attractions about a system is the desktop background. We tend to choose our background which identifies our interests , are aesthetically pleasing or remind us of our good times.

But the thing with consistency is that it gets boring with time. Wallpapers we once loved, becomes a burden and we find it hard to come back to that wallpaper after getting it on 24×7.


One of the main drawbacks of IRC-chat is the absence of logging. This was the main reason why our community JMI-LUG almost stopped using the channel for any discussion, as there was nothing to refer to later. There was a need for a kind of a bot which could save all the logs of the chats we had. Hence, I began my search for any open-source IRC bot to cater our needs. I found many bots which could do the task.

Fedora 20

I’ve been a Fedora Fan-boy ever-since I started using it three years ago and Fedora 17 is the only Linux Based Distro which lasted for more than a year on my laptop. But just as every good thing has to come to an end, my company with Fedora 17 had completed it’s lifetime.

You can find the said applications/scripts in my github repository Brightness Gnome

This is a problem which I faced since the beginning I installed Linux. My system neither recognized my display settings nor those damn shortcut keys (the combination of fn keys) worked , so I ended up getting a dark screen (with zero brightness) every time the system starts-up. I couldn’t even change the brightness with those faulty shortcut keys!!